Our Services

Editorial Services

A good piece of writing can be easily ruined by one typo. No matter how many times you rewrite and self-edit, you are likely to overlook crucial edits. This is why we exist. No matter what you’re writing, you can trust our expert eyes to eradicate wordiness, grammatical errors and referencing errors through copyediting.

Here’s a list of publications we’ve received flowers for—we keep expanding our portfolio, so this list is inexhaustible!

  • Academic Papers

  • Academic Journals

  • Autobiographies

  • Grad School Personal statements

  • Memoirs

  • Marketing Copy

  • Novels

  • Poetry

  • Short Stories

  • Self-help Publications

Writing Services

Developing good content is hard work, we know this, and that’s why we’d like to take the burden off you. Our team of expert writers are on hand to deliver the best quality—in originality, language, style and grammar—that’s well-suited to your purpose.

Here’s a list of our ever-increasing portfolio:

  • Technical Writing

  • Autobiographies

  • Web and Blog Content

  • Email Marketing Copy

  • Social Media Content

  • Corporate Communication Content (for internal and external purposes)

  • Film Scripts

Coaching Services

Our courses are carefully crafted to give value for your money and boost your skills.

Whether you’re writing for film, the corporate world, blogging, or writing a book, we are well able to provide you with the resources you need to excel at it.


We adopt a personalized approach to coaching, by way of direct feedback and recommendations to suit your specific need. Our popular writing course—StoryCrafting—has equipped developing writers who have gone on to improve their craft and publish their material.